Welcome to Key Service Logistics Ltd

With over 15 years’ experience and a huge database of satisfied customers, Key Service Logistics is a name you can trust. We specialise in true same day single drop deliveries and can deliver to any location within the UK.


A number of companies that offer same day collection and delivery do not offer a true A to B service. Your item can be picked up by one driver, dropped off at a sorting point and be delivered by a different driver. They will also carry and deliver additional items as well as yours along the way. What this means to you is unnecessary delays resulting in a much later delivery time.


  • At Key Service Logistics. We guarantee a true A to B delivery.
  • The same driver who collects your goods will deliver your goods
  • No stopping along the way to unload and reload your goods to another vehicle.
  • The only goods that will be on the vehicle will be yours and yours alone.
  • From an envelope to 1200kgs of goods, the vehicle will be allocated to your delivery only.
  • No multiple drops along the way causing unnecessary delays to your delivery time.
  • We can collect and deliver your goods 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • Our one customer one vehicle policy is what separates us from the rest and makes us one of the best.


Our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained to guarantee maximum performance and reliability to ensure your delivery arrives and on time.


We are able to carry loads of up to 1200kgs that can be made up of multiple or single items but our speciality is single drop same day delivery. Our vehicles can rear or side loaded and take a full sized pallet.


All our drivers are professional and experienced and have been fully trained to provide a quality service that is second to none.